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Informing, Connecting, and Inspiring the Digital Transformation Community

Welcome to DigXchange! This is a forum for business and technology executives and educators to learn from the Digital Transformation (DX) experiences of their peers.

We are launching our webinar series and conferences by focusing on a topic which is of immediate interest as we face the COVID-19 pandemic – digital transformation strategies for the new normal. It will help participants learn from successes and failures of their peers in the industry and academia. We believe that a digital enterprise has significant advantages over its competition. We recognize that digital roadmap for every organization is continuously evolving; hence, this forum will cover case studies from executives at all phases of their transformation journey.

Digital transformation has a far-reaching impact on business models, customer experience, and operational processes enabled by fast-paced innovation and disruptive digital technologies e.g. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, 5G, Edge Computing, Cloud, and Cybersecurity. It evolves rapidly around changing market needs, customer behavior (e.g., mobile mindset), societal shifts (e.g., genZ and aging population), economic realities (e.g., lockdowns and social distancing, gig economy), and unforeseen advances in underlying technologies. Successful players use agile approaches and a digital mindset to continuously align their business models with market needs on a real time basis.

Despite more than a decade of work in this area, there is  no common definition of digital transformation and, therefore, no consensus on maturity models in the field. However, looking across the industry and literature, one can observe a few common themes. Essential ingredients of DX include digital culture, digital skills, core digital technologies, and business model innovation. Industry research often cites the statistic that over 70% of DX initiatives fail. In our view, failure and learning from each failure are integral parts of DX. Accepting failure is an intrinsic element of innovation culture.

We encourage participants at our events to share successes and failures and key learnings with industry peers so together we could embrace this discipline better and faster. Our events are for industry professionals by industry professionals. By design, they are different from media events and mega conferences. Think of our events as interactive workshops where you learn and share.

Below is a listing of recent and upcoming webinars and conferences. We hope to (virtually) meet you at the upcoming conference and embark on this shared journey.

Watch this space for announcements of upcoming events. See the Events page for a complete listing of upcoming and past events.