About Us

At DigXchange, our mission is to be the leading resource of most relevant and topical experiences in Digital Transformation (DX). We are excited to launch a series of professional curated webinars and virtual conferences on DX. We are building a community of DX leaders and enthusiasts to develop and deliver quality programming. Please join us on this journey.


As a brand, we believe in the power of digital transformation. DX enables businesses to imagine and implement the future today. We believe the COVID-19 pandemic has created an inflection point for businesses across all industries. DX is not only a differentiator but increasingly necessary to survive in this uncertain economic climate. Data and digital technologies play an increasingly important role across all stakeholders – vendors, partners, suppliers, internal operations, business customers, and consumers. We believe all businesses can harness the power of DX building upon the ever-present data and digital. 


Deep dive into the world of digital transformation through our virtual events. Engage with us by contacting us here or through our social media presence. We are based in Greater New York; however, through virtual programming, we plan to be a global resource.